Advising Community

Concern or Suggestions?

If you, as a member of the advising community, have a concern or suggestion you would like to submit to the Office of Academic Advising, please feel free to submit it via our Suggestions Box.

The Advising Oracle

The Communications Committee, a subgroup of the Academic Advising Coordinating Council, is launching a monthly newsletter called the Advising Oracle in spring 2020. This Advising Oracle will consolidate need-to-know advisor information from the previous month into a comprehensive guide, to be sent over the Advise-Connect listserv and archived on

Examples of content include: 

  • upcoming advising-related campus events
  • advisor/advising office spotlight
  • updates on new staff or offices
  • campus resources spotlight
  • news from the Office of Academic Advising Services

To make this newsletter as helpful and successful as possible, the Committee needs your submissions! To submit an event or announcement, please fill out the short form below by clicking the button. Your input is greatly appreciated!

Monthly SAGE Updates

Each month, the Office of Academic Advising Services sends a "What's New in SAGE?" update. This update outlines new features in SAGE as well as projects the office is working on to improve the SAGE user experience. Below, you will find a PDF version of the monthly update email that was sent out via the SAGE listserv. To subscribe to the SAGE Users Listserv, please follow these directions.

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