What is Connect & Complete? 

 The Connect & Complete Persistence Framework is a set of academic policies for undergraduate students in academic difficulty. The mission of these policies is to provide students with the tools, resources, and support to reach their educational goals. Connect & Complete offers proactive, timely, and holistic interventions centered on the students’ unique needs and circumstances.  

 The expected outcomes of the program include: 

  • Identify students early and offer proactive outreach to increase the number and percentage of students in good standing. 
  • Introduce the student to a wide range of resources. 
  • Identify and reduce the institutional barriers to student persistence. 

 As a result of participating in Connect & Complete, students will: 

  • Identify and articulate their educational goals. 
  • Reflect upon internal and external factors that impact their academic performance. 
  • Identify and articulate strategies for personal and academic success. 
  • Apply these strategies to reach their educational goals. 
  • Evaluate strategies and adjust as needed. 


Connect & Complete is a university-wide approach to student retention that applies to all undergraduate students starting in Fall 2022. Questions can be directed to the contact for the student’s School or College.