Learning and Development

Well-trained advisors add significant value to institutions in terms of learning, persistence, and overall student satisfaction.  Advisors need well-planned and comprehensive training and development programs that span their careers. 

The following materials are available to all UGA academic advisors, previously offered through UGA Training & Development as part of the Advanced Certificate in Academic Advising.

Campus and Community Resources for Academic Advisors

The following document was created for use by academic advisors and students alike. The document is an extensive list and description of campus and community resources, broken up into different sections based on student needs. There are areas addressing academics, mental health, financial assistance, general self-care, and more. Distribute freely!

Student Resources at UGA

How to Write a Personal Statement

The following materials are avaliable to all UGA academic advisors. These resources provide information and guidance on how to write a Personal Statement. The Personal Statement PowerPoint and printable materials are housed on the Pre-Health Advising site.

1. Crafting a Personal Statement Workshop: A Cross Campus-Collaboration Model

2. The Componets of a Personal Statement Workshop

3. The final submission for the Capstone Project for Advanced Certificate Academic Advising

Academic Advisor Toolkit

The following materials are available to all UGA academic advisors, which include suggested scripts, responses and interventions for use by advisors, several handouts to share with students, additional resources and practice scenarios.

1. Communications 101- Designed for advisors who wish to help students improve their communication skills in writing, by phone, and/or in person.

2. Families and Supporters 101- Designed for advisors who wish to hone their skills regarding interactions with family members and supporters in writing, by phone, in person and by coaching students.

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