General FAQ's

General FAQs 

Have a more in-depth question about advising at UGA? Please take a look at this General FAQ document to have your most common questions answered! 

How do I find my advisor?

Academic advising is required for all University of Georgia undergraduate students before registering for classes. If you have an unspecified major, or you are intended-business or intended-journalism, you will be advised in the  Exploratory Center. If you have declared a major in one of the schools and colleges (e.g., nutritional sciences in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences), you will be advised in their  advising office within that school or college.

What if I'm considering changing majors?

Nationwide, approximately 70% of students make at least one major change and many change their majors multiple times as they try to find the right fit. You are not alone in being unsure what path you want to follow, but reactive major changes can result in more student debt, unused credits and a longer time to graduate.

Making a major change is a process of self-discovery, requiring thoughtful consideration of your skills, interests, values and goals. Exploratory advisors are trained to advise you through that process and minimize credit loss and time to degree. The  Exploratory Center, working in partnership with both the Career Center and Student Affairs, helps you craft a flexible program of study that provides experiences in the majors you are considering while keeping you academically on course.  

How do I get an appointment in the Exploratory Center?

Simply fill out the  Referral Form, then change your major to Unspecified in Athena. An advisor from the  Exploratory Center will be in contact with you to make an appointment.