Intended Grady

Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communications offers four majors:

  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Journalism
  • Entertainment & Media Studies

You can learn more about each major on Grady’s website.


What if I’m not sure which Grady major is right for me?

You may find this “Guide to Choosing Your Grady College Major” useful.

In addition to talking with your intended-Grady advisor, you may want to schedule an appointment with your Grady Career Consultant.

Grady’s Prospective Student Advisor can also help you explore Grady majors:


When can I apply to Grady College?

Students are eligible to apply to Grady College if AREA I - AREA V of the core curriculum is complete or in progress of completion by the end of the application semester. Read more about application process and eligibility on Grady’s website.


No. Grady’s language requirement is a graduation requirement.

Many students choose to take their foreign language courses in Area IV (World Language & Culture) of their core because it is an efficient way to fulfill Grady’s language requirement and complete a core area simultaneously. However, Area IV factors into the Grady application GPA and it is important to maintain high grades in this area. If you do not feel confident in your ability to maintain a high grade in foreign language courses, you may take culture courses in Area IV and fulfill the language requirement later.


When should I start getting involved with professional organizations?

As soon as possible! Co-curricular activities and events can help you confirm your major decision, deepen existing interests, or develop new skills. Participation in campus or community organizations or volunteer opportunities allow you to make a positive impact while networking with future colleagues, honing acquired skills, and learning new skills to add to your resume.

Please see the intended-Journalism Resources section for more information on co-curricular professional development opportunities!

Sign yourself up to the pre-Grady listserv for announcements related to Grady-related student organizations and other ways to get involved.


What Grady courses are open to intended Grady students?

JRLC 1001 Career Exploration in Journalism & Mass Communications (1 credit hour)

“The Real World" - An eight-week tour of all the various career pathways within Grady College majors, as well as alternative paths such as service, non-profits and graduate school. Students will think critically about the majors within the college before they are admitted, so they have a better sense of what they wish to study. A host of Grady alums will share their stories with us as we explore together the many, many career options within Grady College.

The following Grady intro courses are open to intended-Grady majors and other interested UGA students:

Grady major courses open to Intended students:

  • ADPR 3100 Principles of Advertising
  • ADPR 3850 Public Relations
  • EMST 3010 Intro to Media Studies
  • JOUR 3030 Media, News, and Consumers
  • Intro to Grady certificate programs courses:
  • ADPR 3860 Intro to Public Affairs Communications
  • NMIX 2020 Intro to New Media
  • JRLC 3800 Sports, Media, and Society


What minor or certificate program should I pursue?

Grady students often choose to complement their major, focus their elective credits, and pursue personal interests and/or career-related specializations through minor and certificate programs. Grady offers no minors, only certificates. View the full list of certificate and minor program options on the UGA Bulletin.

Grady College offers three interdisciplinary certificate programs:

New Media Certificate: 

Public Affairs Professional Certificate: 

Sports Media Certificate: 

Strategic Health + Risk Communication: 

Certificate in News Literacy: 


What are electives and how many will I need to take?

Students use elective hours to complete minors and certificate programs. A general elective represents any course not specifically required by one of your intended major, minor, or certificate programs. The number of general electives available to a student will vary depending on a number of factors, including Grady major and the AP/IB/dual enrollment credits you came to UGA with.

All Grady majors require 15 hours of upper division electives (3000 level courses or above) taken outside of Grady College (no ADPR, EMST, JOUR, JRLC, NMIX pre-fix courses). For this reason, most Grady students choose to concentrate their electives by completing at least one minor or certificate program.


Can I earn internship credit before acceptance into my Grady major?

No. You will be able to receive credit for internships after acceptance into your major and completion of preliminary major coursework. You may preview Grady College’s internships for credit pre-requisite requirements here:


Can I participate in Grady study abroad opportunities before acceptance into my Grady major?

Yes. Please see for specific information regarding each of the Grady study abroad and domestic field study programs.