Intended Business FAQs


You may take ACCT 2101 at any institution from which the UGA Transfer Equivalency says UGA will accept it as equivalent credit. HOWEVER, before taking ACCT 2101 at another institution, you should first consider the following:

  • This course provides a critical core skill set for all business students. A basic understanding of accounting principles is essential for all Terry majors.
  • Terry College has one of the top Accounting programs in the country. UGA students are encouraged to take advantage of this course taught within our own highly ranked program.
  • In previous years, we've found that students who take Principles of Accounting I elsewhere are not adequately prepared for Principles of Accounting II. They are also often ill prepared for subsequent Terry coursework. Students pursuing either the Accounting or Finance major must take the Terry Accounting Exam through the UGA Testing Center as a part of their application. This exam is based entirely on ACCT 2101 as taught at UGA, those students who take the course here would naturally be better prepared to successfully complete this admissions requirement.
  • The Terry College strictly enforces the policy of reviewing ACCT 2101 grades as part of the Terry major admissions process. Students with both ACCT 2101 and ACCT 2102 in progress are ineligible to apply. A grade in ACCT 2101 must be posted to the student's UGA record for their application to be considered for admission. It is possible to provide proof of a grade in ACCT 2101 to the Terry Undergraduate Programs Office, but written evidence must be received by the application deadline in order for an applicant to be considered eligible.

MIST 2090, 2090E, and LEGL 2700 require that you complete 30 hours of coursework to be eligible to register for these courses. You can wait for these courses to open up after registration has begun for all students.

ACCT 2101 is a prerequisite for MSIT 3000 and ACCT 2102. If you did not take ACCT 2101 at UGA, our registration systems have no way of knowing that you might have taken it elsewhere. To expedite the registration process, you may email one of the following to the Terry Undergraduate Programs Office (

A.) A pdf file of your transcripts from the institution where you are taking or have taken ACCT 2101

B.) A screenshot of your class schedule that includes your name, the institution’s name, and ACCT 2101.

Please be sure to include in the email your UGA ID number and the subject "Request for Prerequisite Override for MSIT 3000 and/or ACCT 2102."

Keep in mind as well that this action will only grant you an override to register for these specific courses. You MUST send in any official transcripts of courses completed at another institution to UGA Admissions for the grades to be officially processed and posted to your transcript.

Only under special circumstances can Intended Business students be granted access to these courses prior to being accepted into a Terry College major. If you are attempting to schedule 12 hours for the Fall or Spring, consider whether or not you have satisfied all of your University and Terry College requirements, all of your Upper Division and Arts & Sciences Electives, and any minor, certificate, or double major coursework you may be undertaking. If you have satisfied all of these requirements, talk with your advisor to find out if you might qualify to request a seat in one of these Terry Core courses.

To apply to a Terry College major, your Areas I-VI + MSIT 3000 must be completed or in the process of completion when you apply, including a posted grade for ACCT 2101 and a posted grade or exemption for MATH 1113, or a higher level calculus course (i.e., MATH 2200 or MATH 2250).

Terry College will confirm that you meet the minimum GPA requirements for eligibility (both 2.0 Cumulative GPA and 2.6 Overall GPA), but major departments do not see GPAs when making decisions for admittance. When you apply to a Terry major, you will choose a first and second choice option of major. All major departments will see your grades in ACCT, ECON, and MATH courses, as well as your ACT and/or SAT scores and statement of purpose. Refer to your Intended Business advisor with any specific questions regarding the Terry major application process and criteria.

Short of speaking with your advisor about major courses and requirements, you may also consult with Rachael Allen ( in the Terry Undergraduate Programs Office regarding differences in various Terry majors. UGA also has an enormous online presence. Your best bets for major information are as follows: