Academic Advising Coordinating Council Subcommittees


Advising Workshop

Purpose: The Advisor Workshop Committee meets several times per semester to consider content and logistics for the spring and fall Advisor Workshops.  We determine dates, times, locations, meal options, guest speakers, activities, give-aways, etc. that will be most convenient, useful, and appealing to the UGA advising community.  

Time Commitment: Year long - begins prior to fall semester and ends prior to summer of the following year.

  • Chair: Beth Kozinksy 
  • Dina Canup
  • Kathryn Pollett
  • Martha DeHart
  • Patricia La Madrid
  • Alyssa Yunhouse
  • Katherine Field 
  • Cindy Schulman
  • Jason Booth 
  • Litashia Carter
  • Michele Johnson
  • Savannah Miller
  • Katherine Evans

Other Information: This committee has to be very proactive at the beginning of each semester, because things like room reservations for 150+  people; requests for money, and coordination of guest speakers, announcements, and activities; and other logistics must be secured in advance. 

Assessment Committee

Purpose: This committee’s goal is to assess advising services at UGA. We will do this using multiple forms of assessment including but not limited to student surveys, advisors surveys, data collection and synthesis, and informal discussion. The committee aims to identify gaps in advising services in order for AACC (and partners/ subcommittees/ etc…) to find ways to bridge those gaps.

Time Commitment: Once a month during Fall and Spring semesters.

  • Chair: Mike Merva
  • Audrey Grigg
  • Erik Donofrio
  • Kalli Drake
  • Laura Clark
  • Ryan Smith
  • Drew Sanford
  • Andi Diamond

Advisor Awards

Purpose: To examine the existing structure of the advisor awards and propose any needed updates and changes.

Time Commitment: Committee meets from early fall to early spring (probably 2-3 meetings).

  • Chair: Brennen Salmon 
  • Jessica Couch 
  • Melissa Garber
  • Ali Gerlach 
  • Litashia Carter


Other Information: Note that this committee is separate from the selection committee, which is comprised of previous award winners and SGA reps.  This committee is focused on the advisor awards process, not who wins the award.


Purpose: The Academic Advising Certificate Committee oversees the general and advanced certificate in academic advising. This includes: recruiting instructors for certificate courses, access the certificate program and courses, and overseeing the capstone proposal process for the Advanced Certificate in Academic Advising.

Time Commitment: Year long.

  • Co-Chairs: Litashia Carter and  Aimee Dowd
  • Matt Head
  • Crystal Cooper
  • Jason Booth
  • Allison Lauricella
  • Greg Kline
  • Deede Walker
  • Kathryn Veale


Purpose: The mission of the Communications Committee is to streamline communication across Advising departments within the University of Georgia by providing forums for disseminating information and suggesting changes to improve communication when appropriate.

Time Commitment: The Communication Committee is currently inactive and will reconvene in the 2024-2025 academic year.

  • Chair: TBD
  • Ali Gerlach
  • Kalli Drake
  • Kelsey Witherington
  • Rebecca Jeffers
  • Teresa McClure
  • Jill Hartmann-Roberts
  • Julie Till Patterson 
  • Marcella Genut
  • Matthew Gustafson
  • J. David Wildes

Advisor Networking

Purpose: This committee is charged with scheduling and advertising a variety of opportunities for advisors to meet, network, and socialize with other advisors throughout the year.

Time Commitment: Academic year

  • Chair: Crystal Cooper              
  • Jaime Caperton    
  • Michele Johnson 
  • Beth Kozinsky   
  • Grayson Coleman
  • Aimee Dowd
  • Audrey Grigg
  • Natassja Hatcher
  • Lise Kalla
  • Jennifer Lutchuk
  • Krysten Lewis
  • Andrew Long
  • Helen Manany
  • Taz Quadri
  • Angela Romero-Shih
  • Litashia Carter
  • Lauren Corvino
  • Aimee Dowd
  • Drew Sanford
  • Ashley King
  • April Hitchock-Watson

Lunch and Learn 

Purpose:This committee meets to discuss topics relevant to staff development, information on new and current programs, and other matters pertinent to the advising community at UGA, and is charged with developing and presenting Lunch and Learn sessions through the year.

Time Commitment:  This is a year-round committee which meets on a regular basis in fall and spring to discuss topics and designate assigned roles for the upcoming semesters. 

  • Co-Chairs: Jill Hopkins and Antanay Goode
  • Ceci Reynolds
  • Jessica Couch
  • Kate Daley-Bailey
  • Beth Kozinsky
  • Latoya Lewis
  • Litashia Carter
  • Drew Craver
  • Matthew Gustafson

Mentoring Advising Professionals

Purpose: The purpose of the Mentoring Advising Professionals (MAP) committee is to plan and manage the program, which includes organizing the Orientations, events, applications, website & email.

Time Commitment: This had been a continuous program with a yearly program cycle -members may join at any time.

  • Co-Chairs: Laurie Zielinski and Yadira Castillo
  • Casey Ellis
  • Matt Head 
  • Emily Robinson
  • Litashia Carter
  • Lauren Flowers
  • Jaime Caperton
  • Taylor Clodfelter
  • Cindy Shulman
  • Elizabeth Fuller


Purpose: The purpose of the Online Training Committee is to develop modules to be used in training new advisors across the university with basic advising knowledge applicable across all schools and colleges.

Time Commitment: The committee will meet regularly (once a month or so) until module completion. Following that, we will meet a couple times a year to review the modules and take into consideration if anything needs changing.

  • Chair: Mike Merva
  • Aimee Dowd
  • Crystal Cooper
  • Danielle  Bostick 
  • Gregory Kline 
  • Kathleen Anderson 
  • Laurie Zielinski 
  • Litashia  Carter
  • Jennifer Patrick 
  • Melissa Garber 
  • Misha Boyd
  • Steven Honea 
  • Zeeshan Bakht


Purpose:  The AACC Transfer Subcommittee's goal is to create and implement meaningful strategies and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure transfer students are receiving top-level advising, resources, and connections regardless of their entry point or major at UGA.  This committee works to examine the implementation of USG’s core-to-core commitment, core and general transfer advising, as well as identify meaningful transfer resources across advising units and departments on campus.


  • Chair: Litashia Carter
  • Matthew Zachary Head
  • Laura L. Clark
  • Aimee DOWD
  • Jason A Emond
  • Afton Landram Hartzog
  • Diana Davis Beckett
  • Jason Payton
  • Martha Roberts DeHart
  • Marcella  Genut
  • Rachael S Pierce
  • Misha L Boyd
  • Trelle Mcginnis Turner
  • Paul D. Welch Jr.
  • Cindy Schulman
  • Katherine Hudgins Field
  • Crystal CAPRI Cooper
  • Anna Hemmati
  • Erik Thomas Donofrio
  • Helen Brown Mahany
  • Allison Murphy Lauricella
  • Emily Grace Robinson
  • Alexandria Elaine Brock
  • Jill Hopkins
  • Rachael S Pierce
  • Susan Kinnaird
  • Debbie Hargrave
  • Krysten Lewis