Glossary Terms

  • Academic Coach: Academic Coaches partner with students to set academic goals, discuss effective study and time-management strategies, tackle procrastination, and help students feel more in control of their academic commitments. Coaches can also refer students to specific course tutoring and to other offices on campus that can assist students with non-academic challenges. 


  • Degree Completion Team (DCT): The DCT includes your Academic Advisor, Academic Coach, and a Case Manager from Student Care and Outreach. 


  • Good Academic Standing: Students in Good Academic Standing have a Total Institution GPA of 2.0 or higher. 


  •  Minimum Retention Requirements: Minimum retention requirements include completing at least 6 hours of coursework fall and spring term (3 hours summer term) and earning a minimum term GPA of 2.25. These courses must be graded A-F. You cannot count S/U courses or W grades toward your 6 (or 3 summer) minimum hours. 


  • Term Grade Point Average (GPA): This is the average of your current semester’s course grades.  It is calculated at the end of the current semester. 


  • Total Institution GPA: Your Total Institution GPA includes all UGA coursework but does not include grades transferred from other institutions.