New Students

New Student

New students receive a lot of information when they enter UGA. Take a look at the resources to the left specifically for new students. A Student Handbook is available to you on the Dean of Students site that provides comprehensive information about student policies and regulations, campus offices and resources.

Academic advising is a mandatory and essential part of the undergraduate educational experience and helps students attain their academic goals. Both faculty and professional academic advisors serve this important role in undergraduate education at the University of Georgia. Advisors help students understand the options and opportunities for academic programs of study, degree requirements, academic resources, and course selection.

Advisors are key advocates in fostering a climate of high academic expectations at the University of Georgia and will support and encourage a challenging and successful undergraduate education.

Students are expected to be full participants in academic advising and thus to be both prepared for and engaged in the advising experience. The academic landscape is always subject to change, and although advisors can provide advice, each student is ultimately responsible for knowing and understanding the degree requirements and policies related to his/her own academic progress.