1st at the First



First at the First 


As the first in your family to attend college, you may be feeling nervous about what you don’t know.  What is college all about anyway? What do terms like matriculate and degree audit mean? How should I talk to my professors? What if I don’t like my major?

We can help.

You may wonder if you’re the only first in the family student on campus. Who can I go to for answers?  Who will understand what I’m feeling? Do I really belong here?

We can help.

You might wonder why you have to take that Math or English class. And what are you going to do with Art History, Music Appreciation or Linguistics?

We have the answers for you.

The 1st at the First Leaders’ Institute is a new program to bring together first in the family students at the first state-chartered university in America to share their concerns, get their questions answered and develop campus confidence and knowledge.  Additionally, it provides an opportunity to train to become a 1st at the First Ambassador, ready to lead and mentor the next class of first in the family students, establishing yourself as a campus leader in your very first year at UGA.

How It Works

The 1st at the First Leaders’ Institute will meet once a month for two hours in the evening. Each meeting will begin with a time for sharing your experiences and your questions with your fellow students, followed by activities to help you develop your confidence on campus and identify your leadership abilities. In the second semester, you will have the opportunity to practice leadership by working in a group on a special project pertaining to the experiences of first generation students. Your project will be presented at a final Saturday conference in April. Students who complete the Institute will become the inaugural cohort of 1st at the First Ambassadors and will receive a specially designed lapel pin. They will also have the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership skills by mentoring the next cohort of leaders.

What You Will Gain

The Institute is designed to help you develop

  • confidence in your ability to successfully navigate the campus and life at a research university
  • a community of friends who are sharing the unique experiences of first in the family students
  • understanding of majors and graduation, relevance of the curriculum and campus resources for student support
  • comfort with college protocol and customs
  • communication skills and academic relationship building
  • leadership skills, academic goals and success strategies

Your Next Step

Simply go to 1st at the First Leaders Institute to express your interest. Our first meeting will be Monday, September 9th at 4:45 pm in 138 Tate Student Center.

Our Partners

The 1st at the First Leaders Institute was developed in partnership with the Office of Instruction, Division of Student Affairs, Division of Academic Enhancement, and Office of Institutional Diversity.