Walk-In and Explore Hours

Regular Walk-In times: If you have an Exploratory Center advisor listed as your Primary Advisor on SAGE, please log in to view your advisor's regular walk-in times. 

Explore Hours: For quick questions or to learn more about the Exploratory Center. 

Spring 2019 Explore Hours begin Tuesday, January 29th!

Explore Hours Fall 2018

*During Explore Hours, Exploratory advisors will meet with ALL students interested in exploring.

*During Explore Hours, Intended-Business and Intended-Journalism advisors will only meet with students who have NOT yet been assigned to an Intended-Business or Intended-Journalism advisor in SAGE.

Other Walk-In Opportunities:
Exploratory Center International Student and Undecided Career Consultant Walk-In Hours

Contact Us: 706-713-2759 or exploration@uga.edu