For Students

During the University of Georgia (UGA)’s response to COVID-19, the Office of Academic Advising Services will continue to support students’ academic success. As always, advisors are committed to ALL students’ success at UGA, so please let us know what we can do to help.

Academic advisors will be offering alternative advising options for you during the period of time that the UGA campus is impacted. Please see below for information on how to communicate with your academic advisor depending on your circumstance.

For current information on UGA’s Pandemic Response Plan, make sure to check your UGA email often and visit

Meeting with your Advisor

If you have not been advised and cleared for fall 2020, you must be advised in order to register. You will, however, meet with your advisor remotely rather than face-to-face.

(Note: Registration for summer 2020 has been open since fall 2019 and you should not need additional clearance to sign up for summer courses. However, if you need guidance on summer 2020 courses, email your advisor for support even if your hold has already been cleared.)

Your advisor will email with instructions and information about being advised remotely. It could be via Zoom, email, or some other method that is convenient for both of you.

In order to comply with FERPA student privacy regulations, email your advisor through UGA email and write: “I approve to have an advising appointment remotely with (advisor’s name) via the following method (Skype, Zoom, email, etc.)."

For Zoom and Skype appointments hold up your UGA student ID card to the camera at the beginning of appointment to confirm your identity.

If you have already been advised and cleared for fall 2020, you do NOT need to make an additional appointment.  Email your advisor if you have specific problems or questions - for example, if your study abroad opportunity, internship, course, or any other activity that could impact your graduation has been affected.

Remember that during this time, it may take longer than usual for your advisor to respond. Please wait 2 business days before emailing or phoning again, unless you have an emergency.

For more information about student academic support, visit Division of Academic Enhancement At a Distance.

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact your advisor with any questions related to your academic progress. 

Useful Student Resources 

To see all of your UGA online services, login to the MyUGA Portal
To view the electronic version of your advising plan with course options, go to the Plans tab on DegreeWorks and/or your messages in SAGE

To register for courses (during the registration dates), go to Registration under the Student tab on Athena
To see Registration Dates for this semester, go to the Office of the Registrar website
To see other Important Dates for this semester, refer to the UGA Academic Calendar
To see major & course descriptions, minors & certificates, course syllabi, and more, go to the UGA Bulletin


Useful Contact Information

Contact Phone Email / Website
Office of Student Financial Aid 706.542.6147
Bursar & Treasury Services 706.542.2965
Office of the Registrar 706.542.4040
Student Care & Outreach 706.542.7774
Student Affairs 706.542.3564
Career Center 706.542.3375
University Testing Services 706.542.3183
Global Engagement   706.542.2900