NOTE: The Advizine is currently retired. For other opportunities to contribute to the UGA academic advising community, check out the Academic Advising Coordinating Council tab to the left, which lists AACC committees open to all advisors and campus partners.


The Advizine: A Journal of Inquiry into Academic Advising at UGA is a mini-journal prepared by and for academic advisors at the University of Georgia. It is designed to serve the needs of professional advisors across campus. It is not a newsletter. It is meant to be a periodical of inquiry into, reflections on, arguments over, opinions about, and reviews of, academic advising practices and scholarship. With the generous support of the Office of Instruction, The Advizine will be published three times a year (in the Fall, Spring, and Summer) and distributed to all advisors on campus.

Should you write for it?

Yes, you should! The Advizine relies on the intelligence, curiosity, and generosity (solicited and unsolicited) of its readers to supply their own reading material. By writing for The Advizine, you are making a contribution to the scholar-practitioner community at UGA.

What kind of material is it looking for?

It welcomes any material specifically in, or directly related to, the field of academic advising. You can look at past issues, the NACADA publications (e.g., the NACADAJournal and Academic Advising Today), NASPA’s publications (e.g., the Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice and Change), Penn State’s TheMentor and ACPA’s About Campus for topics and ideas. The Advizine is a journal for scholarship, which does not have to be driven by any particular research method, or any method at all. Reflective or insightful pieces about practice, creative or original thoughts or perspectives, historical or theoretical essays, and reviews of existing scholarship are what we aim to publish.

How should you write for it?

You should write a scholarly article or review (500-1500 words, APA style references) that has something to say and says it clearly and succinctly. Email it to the Editor of The Advizine, Ilya Winham. The Editor and Consulting Editors will read and edit your piece and probably will ask you to make revisions. After your revised piece is accepted, the process is complete and your work will be published in an upcoming issue.

Send it in. We look forward to publishing and reading what you have to say.

Recent Issues

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